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You know how sometimes you see a product advertised somewhere and you follow the links and then find out that the product is actually produced in Germany or the States and you sigh with disappointment because you might not be able to find it in Canada? We have fabulous entrepreneurs and inventors throughout the world and it’s great if we can embrace their ideas, no matter where they’re from. However, it does sometimes create some logistical nightmares when trying to bring product into our country.

That’s why there are companies around like EcoBrandsNow! Their vision is “a world where cross-promotional partnerships help both customers and brands connect.” Their purpose is “to grow our brand, reach more people, and more easily envision a better world. This would be a world where everyone has access to products that restore, regenerate, uplift, and which make life better by making our homes cleaner, purer, and more beautiful.” You see – just what I said above – we should all have access to the great products that are out there, even if they’re not created in our country! EcoBrandsNow, at the moment, has partnered with two very different companies.

The first I will just touch on briefly. It’s called Pacific Living and they are the producer of very neat Outdoor Ovens! EcoBrandsNow has brought four of their ovens to Canada and, oh boy, would I love to have one on my deck! The biggest downside I see to these ovens is that we live in Canada. Ha! You know, 6 months winter, 3 months poor sledding, and 3 months summer! Okay, it’s not quite that bad, but you see what I mean? I’m very much an indoors person come winter, so I’d be sad to have this beautiful oven sit outside all winter and not get used! Just the same, wouldn’t they be cool!?

The second company that they have partnered with is Stadler Form. You may have seen this name before, but if you haven’t, it’s time to take a look! They make a whole slew of products! They have air purifiersfans and heaters, aroma diffusers, and lastly, humidifiers! One of the things I think is really fun about Stadler is how they have named their products. They all have “person” names – like Anna – and sometimes there’s even an Anna Little! Some are super fun looking, like Fred! I’d like a Fred. He would make me smile just by looking at him each day!

When it comes to aroma diffusers, not only does Stadler have the diffusers, but they also have three different oils that you can use with the diffuser! I really like the look of the Lea diffuser – I’d like one more to have out in our kitchen/living area and this one would fit the bill! Besides, it comes in a Berry pink colour! How fun is that!?

I was sent Oskar. Oskar is a humidifier and he actually comes in three sizes! Oskar Big, Oskar and Oskar Little. First up, Oskar isn’t too big. He’s 9.7″ square and 11.4″ tall. So if you need a humidifer that isn’t going to take up a lot of space, he’ll definitely fit the bill. He stands on a silver stand, which looks quite nice, though ours wasn’t quite flat on the bottom and so Oskar did a little rocking until we tweaked it a bit. The rating on this humidifier is that he should be in a room no bigger than about 500 sq ft. He holds very close to 4L of water, which is kind of nice because I keep a 4L jug around for filling items like diffusers and humidifiers! I generally try to use distilled water in my diffusers because it keeps them much cleaner – ironically enough – I save water from our dehumidifier in the summertime! There’s even a secret door on the side of Oskar – so you can fill him while he’s still running if you want! I’m afraid I’m not on the ball that much – I don’t know he’s almost out of water until I see a bright red light staring at me!

I really like the controls on Oskar. Stadler kept them super simple! There are only 4 buttons and you can hardly tell they exist because they’re seamless with the grid on the top of Oskar! There’s a Dimmer button – you can have the lights show up bright blue, a much dimmer blue (think bedroom) or you can turn them off all together. Then there’s a 5 light Hygrostat button for setting your humidity setting. It’s such a simple system – the first light represents a top humidity goal of 40%, 2 lights for 45%, three for 50%, four for 55% or you can turn on all five lights and have Oskar run constantly! Next there are two speed settings. Lastly, there is a button to reset the filter light when the filters have been changed out. Speaking of filters, there are two filters inside him – and it is recommended that they be changed every two months for optimum operation. They do also include information on cleaning the filters, which can be done every two weeks – and the scaling of the filters will vary hugely on the water used in Oskar.

There are two other features about Oskar that I’d like to tell you about. First, you can use him to disperse fragrances as well. There’s a little fragrance container in the secret door I was telling you about. It’s recommended that you put no more than 2-3 drops of fragrance in the container to avoid damaging Oskar. Next, Oskar comes with a Water Cube which helps keep him fresh by using activated carbon. You simply take the cube out of it’s plastic wrap and place him in the bottom of the humidifier. Ideally, it should be replaced at the beginning of every humidifiying season, as it’s lifetime is about one year. So, even if your water isn’t optimal (ours is RO with a calcite bed after it to add some minerals back in), the Water Cube can help bring it closer to optimum and extend the life of the filters.

My favourite part about Oskar is his silence! Seriously – this is the quietest humidifier I have every heard! When he was running in the living room and I was also in the living room, I actually had to walk over to see if he was still running! And that’s on the fastest fan speed! Oh, and he can easily put 4L of water in a day – he’s rated for 1.9 gallons/day which would be closer to 8L. Now the worst part about our house is that we’re living temporarily in a mobile home – and they’re super leaky. So that means that, unfortunately, I could probably put 8L of water a day into the air and a whole bunch of it would just leak right back outside! However, that’s what we do! Every little bit of humidity helps our skin, helps our noses (our kids get nosebleeds in the winter if the air is too dry), helps us sleep and helps keep the dust down! So I’ll just let Oskar pump out the water, even if lots of it sneaks outside!

At EcoBrandsNow, Oskar costs $269.99 and comes with a limited one-year-warranty. The filters cost $34.99 for two or $59.99 for four. Yes, he’s not the cheapest humidifier out there. However, he’s made to be a low energy consumer, and I don’t know about you, but our power bills just keep going up and up! Also, if noise is something that bothers you, Oskar is a super quiet choice for those needing to increase their household humidity!


If you’re interested in any of the products at EcoBrandsNow, they are offering a 15% off discount code for all of the Glimpse readers! The code is GLIMPSE15 and can be used multiple times and is timeless! How awesome is that!? For simplicity’s sake, you can also follow this link and it will automatically apply the discount code at checkout! This is a great way to purchase your favourite product on sale anytime of the year!  Oh, and did I also mention……..FREE shipping in Canada?!!

Please head over to EcoBrandsNow on Facebook and give them a Like to say Hi! Or tell them you came via @GlimpseReviewsBlog so that we can both enjoy some warm fuzzies! They’re also on Instagram and Twitter so be sure to check them out there as well!

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  1. kristen visser says:

    I have never hear of EcoBrandsNow before! That humidifier looks awesome. love that it is pink and it is decently priced to

  2. So nice that it’s quiet. Some humidifiers are really loud, which can give me a headache.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Wow, this is a new firm for me but I love the way they think. 🙂

  4. I hadn’t heard of them before this, but items are quite stylish and functional.

  5. kathy downey says:

    I love that it’s quiet the one we have makes such a noise

  6. The Oskar is a humidifier looks very sleek.

  7. Good reminder to change the filters!

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