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You know I love cookbooks. But you know what I love even more than cookbooks? Canadian Cookbooks! After all, it’s just a wee bit more awesome when the author is from your own country! And do I have a big, beautiful cookbook for you today!

It’s called “The Okanagan Table” and most of us on the Western side of Canada will be familiar with “the Okanagan”. It’s a beautiful valley area in BC that houses loads of orchards, vineyards, the Okanagan Lake and Kelowna. This cookbook is written by Rod Butters who is a chef and has not one, but three restaurants in BC! Somehow, I think that just might make him qualified to write a cookbook!

There’s a page before the recipes that is titled, “How to Use this Book”. I love what Rod says – “I want you to get this book dirty – dog ear the pages, write in the margins, stuff your grandmother’s best recipes for Swedish meatballs and zucchini loaf between these pages. Although if you’d like to reverently display it on a bookshelf or coffee table, I won’t blame you. David McIlvride’s photography is amazing. But I’d be more honoured if it spent the bulk of its time doing hard duty in your kitchen.” So in other words, get into your kitchen and start trying these recipes! Oh, and all these recipes were made in Rod’s home kitchen – not a restaurant one – as he wanted them to be authentic home kitchen recipes!

The recipes are split up into four sections – Sunrise, Midday, Sunset, and Twilight! Sunrise, naturally, includes breakfast-y ingredients. I get a kick out of what he says about his favourite breakfast dish. “My absolute favourite breakfast egg dish is also one of my oddest creations, involving toast, peanut butter, green onions, sharp Cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, and bacon. I stumbled upon this unlikely mix one bleary-eyed morning when I was camping as a youth.” Coming from a household that likes peanut butter with all sorts of things, I can just see it getting accidentally added to some unlikely dishes in this house too! There’s also a super yummy looking Blackberry Yogurt and Hempseed Crunch dish. Oh, and what about a recipe for “My World-Famous Pancakes”? Can’t ever go wrong with another pancake recipe! Especially when they’re famous! Want a unique recipe? How about “Peach, Basil and Sour Cream Muffins”?? They sound different – yet yummy!

The Midday section contains all sorts of yummy sounding recipes, including two that are definitely going on my list to try! The first is the Chickpea-Battered Fish and Chips. Now only is it gluten-free, for those that need that option, but it even comes with a homemade tartar sauce recipe! The second is prefaced by this; “As a kid, I used to visit my great aunt Minnie in Melfort, Saskatchewan……” – but I live near Melfort!! I don’t have a great aunt Minnie, but this recipe for fudgesicles sure does sound fantabulous! And wholesome – with whipping cream and dark chocolate in it!

The going down of the sun brings on the Sunset portion of recipes. I must say, the “Slow-Grilled Chicken with Raspberry BBQ Sauce” sounds delightfully different! I’ve heard of people eating squash blossoms and thus I just might have to try “Fried Squash Blossoms Stuff with Tomato Mascarpone”. That ought to meet my quota for the unique, don’t you think? The “Root Vegetable Torte” is beautiful – layers of different coloured veggies in one dish! And it’s not a difficult dish, it just takes time because you slice the veggies so thin. Oh, and the “Strawberry Cream Cheese Mousse” would go down slick as a whistle in this household!

“My Twilight time philosophy is to pack the maximum amount of flavour into that small bite.” Guess that means all the recipes in this section are going to be spectacular! I wouldn’t have guessed that “Duck Fat Popcorn” would be included, but apparently it’s a highly sought after dish at one of Rod’s restaurants! “Bacon-Wrapped Plums” also sounds highly unique – yet bacon just has to make most things better!? There are quite a few drink recipes in this section as well, however, given that I don’t consume alcohol, I can’t speak to them. However, the “Backyard Rhubarb Lemonade” is definitely one that I’d try sans alcohol and see how it turns out, as it sounds delicous!

This cookbook contains a delight of recipes that range from appetizers and drinks to main courses and side dishes, to desserts. It’s extra special because it’s #MadeInCanada by a Canadian chef who has three restaurants! Really, it’s kind of nifty to have a chef share recipes that can be found on his menu at his restaurants! They’ve *got* to be good if that’s the case!  This would be a great gift for someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen!

Thanks to Raincoast for sending this book my way. And thanks to Rod Butters for sharing his talents with us! Do follow Raincoast on Instagram to be inspired to read more! If you’d like to purchase this book for yourself, head over to McNally Robinson or Amazon. Or talk to your local library and request they purchase it for your library! It’s a beautiful hardcover that can make the rounds through lots of kitchens!

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  1. I need this , I live in the okanagan

  2. Wow – that sounds fantastic. My husband is a big cookbook fan!

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Oh boy, the Strawberry Cream Cheese Mousse sounds like it’s just up my street. 🙂

  4. This would be a book that would live on my coffeetable! Looks beautiful, and a good source of ideas and inspiration.

  5. Lived in the Okanagan, what a beautiful useful book.

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’ve been to the the Okanagan valley and will never forget the peaches we bought at a farm, heavenly – sweet and juicy just like I remember from my younger days, nothing like what we buy in the stores these days.

  7. I am always inspired by such beautiful cookbooks!

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