Need a Little Mystery?

Do you love a good mystery? Or even better – do your kids love a good mystery? I’ve got a few “secret code” fans around here for sure, and solving a fun mystery is downright exciting!  The only problem is that, other than “Who ate the last cookie or “Where are the missing car keys?”, we don’t have that many mysteries to solve around here….and could I venture a guess that it might the same at your house? 😉

Now…that could be about to change. Especially once you find out about a Top Secret Mail Order Mystery that comes right to your front door! Now we’re talking!! 🙂 This is the kind of activity – and mystery – that your kids (and you!) are going to love. It’s all about perplexing puzzles, curious clues, twisting plots, adventure, and checking your mailbox where you can expect the unexpected! Letters, special instructions, documents and curious objects will all begin to arrive by mail and each one is connected to the mystery. Sound pretty exciting, right?!

As you may have guessed, in the past few weeks we’ve been solving a fabulous, fascinating and downright exciting Mail Order Mystery. They have several mysteries to choose from, but ours was called “Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys!” It starts out with your kids receiving letters to congratulate them on being accepted to a top-secret Spy Academy…however, just as the training begins something happens and you are officially enlisted to help find a missing agent. Just like that you are thrown into the worlds o ciphers, secret codes and hidden clues to help stop the villain before it is too late. The villain’s goal? It’s to remove fun from our world…forever. We certainly can’t let that happen, so its full force ahead with solving the mystery!!

Mail Order Mysteries are designed so that they can be solved without the use of any computers or technology (other than the telephone). Mail Order Mysteries have been written for and geared towards kids ages 8 or 9 and up. It was perfect for our 3 oldest to do together – just the right amount of excitement and challenge combined to keep them busy trying to solve the mystery…and actually solving it without any intervention from us grown-ups. At the end of the mystery there is a fun package and a thrilling ending to it all. I won’t give it all away…but each of the mail order mysteries are definitely something that kids (both boys and girls!) will enjoy.

Now….about the holiday season. Kids are getting harder and harder to buy for these days. It seems they have everything they need so why not gift them with more than just another “item?” A Mail Order Mystery gifts kids with an experience as well as some fun little gifts along the way – and at the end! In my mind, an experience is something that kids will remember many years into the future and it’s the kind of gift that makes lasting memories and of course, provides hours of mystery-solving fun!

Interested in learning more? Take a peek at the mysteries available from Mail Order Mystery…and before you know it, you might just be solving an intriguing mystery in your home too. 🙂


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  1. This would be so intriguing for little minds, and big ones too!

  2. kristen visser says:

    This looks like so much fun! i love a good mystery. Kind of reminds me of the game clue.

  3. kathy downey says:

    Well thanks for sharing this certainly sounds interesting

  4. This sounds like so much fun! Great team building activity for colleagues or family members or friends.

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun, hopefully for hours on end, lol. 🙂

  6. Oh gosh – that sounds like loads of fun!

  7. This would be so interesting and fun.

  8. great way to get them thinking and solving!

  9. This looks like a very original sort of kit!

  10. This looks like a fantastic way to solve a good mystery.

  11. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I do like the fact that several children can do this together, I’ll bet the kids had a lot of fun.

  12. Very cool. I know a few teens and pre-teens who would be super into this mystery!

  13. Jennifer Wilson says:

    This is a good brain building game.

  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    It’s a great way to get children to use their brains to solve a mystery. Think, explain be countered and rethink kids would be very motivated into really thinking and that’s always good. I also love the fact that team work can be involved too, something that’d definitely needed in later life.

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