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Earlier this year I had the privilege of reviewing the Verilux Rise and Shine Lamp. It still sits on my bedside table and now that it’s winter again and the room is oh-so-dark when my alarm goes off, it’s back to waking me up with gentle brightness! I’ve always appreciated the light therapy options that Verilux has as well. I’m not sure how many of you have heard of SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – but it’s a real thing! While I don’t know that I have SAD, I definitely feel less motivated, less upbeat and less myself come winter. So this time, I’m back to tell you about a light therapy option that is aptly named the HappyLight! Verilux actually has four different lamp options, but it’s their latest and greatest that I’m going to tell you about today!

The HappyLight Touch LED Light Therapy Lamp has lots of great features! First off, it has a tablet design. It’s slim and sleek! In fact, it’s only 3/4″ thick and with the base attached, it’s only 3.5″ deep. It’s very close to being the size of a sheet of letter paper, just a wee bit skinnier at 7.5″ wide. So the first thing that is very evident is that you’ll be getting lots of light by sitting by this lamp! Secondly, the light emitting from it runs at 10,000 lux and it’s run by natural spectrum LED’s. Therefore, this light replicates daylight and reduces our wintertime-induced sunlight deprivation! The controls for the lamp are also very cool as they’re touch sensitive. And it’s not just a touch lamp for on and off – the controls for the adjustable light intensity and the 15 minute interval timer are all located in the same spot! Tap the power button to turn it on and off. Tap and hold the power button once, twice or three times to adjust the light intensity. And swirl your finger around the outer circle to set the timer – one light for 15 minutes or all four for an hour! Honestly – the controls are not only fun, but they’re so simple and sleek!

I mentioned the base earlier. Again, simplicity won out! The base is a simple plastic “foot” that fits in one of three location. Want to put it away or take it with you? Snap the base into it’s home in the back of the light and you have a slim, sleek tablet with no protrusions. Want to stand it vertically? Pop the stand out of the back and place it into the small stand slot on the base at the back. Prefer to have it horizontally instead? No problem, there’s a slot of it to fit there too! The thought put into making this light aesthetically pleasing, space-saving and yet functional is fabulous!

This light also comes with a three year warranty and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! My only wish for this light is that it came with a battery – however – I well know that that’s a dicey wish. Sure a battery is handy – my desk is the kitchen table and there is no plugin handy that I can use – but it comes fraught with issues regarding longevity of charge-ability and such like. So in the long run, I know it’s better that it comes with a power cord.

So just what all is this light for? Well, I mentioned SAD earlier and I mentioned light therapy. This light offers a “natural sunlight solution”. It’s a super simple way of getting the light your body needs, even if it’s winter and the sun doesn’t come with the same intensity or quantity! This light is also fabulous for those who work night shift and don’t see the sun! It can “help improve sleep patterns, boosts energy and mood, and improves focus.” It can help your circadium rhythm get back in rhythm! Travel lots and suffer from jet lag? Use this light to help get back onto sleeping at the right times.

This isn’t the first light therapy light I’ve had – I know they work. I love the simplicity of the HappyLight Touch and am delighted to have a brand new light to set beside me while working to be sure I get my dose of light every day! This light has an MSRP of US$99.99, which means that in Canada it’s closer to $130. Verilux offers free shipping on it, however, that applies to only to those living in the contiguous US. If you’d like to find the light in Canada, the best place to look is They also carry two of the other HappyLights if you’d like to check them out as well. Verilux has a shop on, however, as yet they don’t appear to carry this model. You can also find it on

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the other products Verilux offers! They have some fabulous task lighting options as well. The SmartLight Floor Lamp is on my wish list. It would be great for crafting when ample lighting is critical! And if you’re interested in having full spectrum light bulbs in your regular lamps at home, you can even purchase CFL’s direct from Verilux for that purpose!

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Verilux is offering our readers a fabulous 20% off code to be used on their website! That’ll give you US$19.99 off the purchase of a HappyLight Touch! You can use the code “sunny20” on anything in their shop from now until December 31, 2017!


Verilux is also offering a giveaway for a HappyLight Touch open to all of our Canadian and American readers! Please use the entry form below, contest closes December 20, 2017!

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  1. I have not tried light therapy, but I cannot help but think that this would be phenomenal to wake up to.

  2. No, I have never tried it.

  3. Stephen Gordon says:

    No I have never tried it but love to try.

  4. kathy downey says:

    No,i have never tried light therapy before

  5. Marisa Poropat says:

    My mom suffered with SAD and was so depressed over the Fall and Winter.
    I’d love to try a light therapy product. I’ve never tried one.

  6. Yes we have tried light therapy before.

  7. I have not in a form like this but I certainly need it. Having lived in the North for many years, I have to be careful of SAD in the winter. This sounds like a real option.

  8. Jennifer Ann Wilson says:

    I have never tried light therapy before but I would like to give it a try.

  9. Lynda Cook says:

    No I have not tried light therapy but heard lots about it and all good things!

  10. Rosanne Robinson says:

    No, I haven’t tried light therapy before, but would like to.

  11. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    No, I’ve never tried light therapy.

  12. I have never tried light therapy. It seems interesting. Maybe that would get me out of bed

  13. I have not, but it sounds helpful for dealing with SAD.

  14. Doris Calvert says:

    No I have never tried it before

  15. Florence Cochrane says:

    No I have not tried light therapy.

  16. I haven’t but would love to. Bipolar runs in my family.

  17. I haven’t tried light therapy before but I am open to it.

  18. I haven`t tried light therapy yet.

  19. Darlene Owen says:

    I have not tried light therapy

  20. I have tried light therapy for SAD but it’s been a long time!

  21. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I’ve recently started trying light therapy.

  22. Brad Kinchen says:

    I have not tried it but a colleague uses all the time and says it helps.

  23. Patrick Siu says:

    I have never tried it.

  24. Have heard alot about it but haven’t tried it yet!

  25. Jennifer L. says:

    No I haven’t tried it but I have a friend who thinks it’s great.

  26. No. I haven’t tried this lite before but I would like to

  27. Lee-Ann S says:

    I have never tried light therapy before.

  28. Jennifer P. says:

    I haven’t tried light therapy before, but just last week my mom recommended it to me. I think I would benefit from it, and so would my dad – we definitely struggle more in the winter months vs. summer!

  29. I’ve never tried it before.

  30. Barbara Wagar says:

    I hope to win this. My old one burned out! Need a new one.

  31. Marlene J says:

    I have never tried- I could sure use this.

  32. No, I have never tried it.

  33. No, I haven’t but i would like to.

  34. I’ve never tried light therapy but would love to, as I work in a windowless office!

  35. I’ve never tried light therapy before.

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  40. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I have never tried light therapy before, but I have heard a lot of good things. This review makes me want to try it out.

  41. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I do wonder about light therapy, I’ve also been reading a lot lately about blue light too.

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