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Dolls have been a classic toy that girls have loved for a long time. And things haven’t changed. Dolls are still one of the most loved toys out there. We started out with lots of baby dolls in our home, but now that our girls are growing older, they are loving the “older girl” dolls, namely, the Maplelea Girls! The Maplelea Girls have an amazing story, and are a top-quality, Canadian 18″ doll. They are ready to get adventurous and have loads of amazing accessories to go along with their adventures too. Allow me to give you a better idea of what life with a Maplelea Girl looks like…

The Maplelea Girls story tells us of a summer when four friends happened to meet during an incredible adventure that is etched into their memories forever. Before parting, they pledged to remain friends forever and the name they chose for themselves was none other than: The Maplelea Girls. As time went on, a few more friends from different areas of Canada joined their group. Now, as they are scattered throughout Canada, they continue to explore, have adventures, help others, make friends and have a great time!

This fall we added Léonie to our family. She is the kind of girl who wears stylish, co-ordinated outfits. She comes with a knit top, fun skirt and dressy red boots that show off her great sense of style! Léonie has beautiful, honey brown hair and hazel eyes. Each Maplelea Girl comes from a different section of Canada and Léonie calls Quebec City her home. The 64-page story journal tells her story and has plenty of questions, prompts and blanks for you to fill in and write your Maplelea Girls’ own story as she finds a new place to call home with your family!

Maplelea Girls are of the best quality. The hair is amazing on these dolls and is definitely not the cheap kind of hair that tangles and ends up in a matted mess within a few weeks. The dolls body is huggable and the arms and legs move and are poseable. Her eyes open and close and she can stand, sit, etc. Everything about the Maplelea Girls screams quality. Our girls LOVE their Maplelea Girls! They are a wonderful doll for a slightly older girl. Personally, I love that these dolls are childlike and grown-up at the same time. Their bodies are childlike but they give older girls the option of being able to dress them in stylish outfits and buy accessories to go along with their adventures and, of course, record them in all in the journal. The possibilities and creativity that goes along with a Maplelea Girl are endless.

Maplelea Girls make an amazing gift idea! They are a quality product that will give your child years of creative and imaginative playtime. There are lots of different dolls with different styles and personalities to choose from. If none of the Maplelea Girls strike a chord for you, you can also check out the Maplelea Friends which come in many different hair colors and skin tones so you can find exactly the right ‘friend’ for your child. I have many great memories of playing with my dolls – even as an older child – and love watching our girls do the same thing. It’s a special thing when a Maplelea Girl finds a new place to call home. 🙂

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  1. love the Maplelea dolls! Especially since they are Canadian!

  2. kathy downey says:

    I got my granddaughter a Doll like this last year and she loves it!

  3. These look like great dolls, but I do wish they had a couple of them with short hair for my granddaughter.

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I love these dolls and the fact that they represent different areas of Canada.

  5. Such lovely dolls! There is an incredible variety of hair colours, styles, and eye colours, so kids can find one they look like.

  6. kristen visser says:

    These dolls are so beautiful! I would love to be able to get one for my youngest when she is a bit older. Love that they have their own style and personality

  7. I am glad she found a happy home. They are beautiful dolls.

  8. My daughter would love have one of these dolls. While she would pick Taryn as her doll, she looks a lot more like Léonie (who is my fav!). I love that these dolls are Canadian and reflect Canadian values and traditions.

  9. Leonie is the Maplelea doll that my girls have been eyeing. My husband and i are both from Quebec and our extended families still live there so there is that draws them in. Plus she looks like them!

  10. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I must say that I was more of a tomboy as a child than a girly girl. My twin and I both got prams one Christmas, I think mine went out twice – I didn’t see much point in them at all.

  11. My niece received a Maplelea doll for Christmas! She just loves it to bits.

  12. Debbie White Beattie says:

    I think these dolls are great and I love that they’re Canadian girls, one doll looks just like my niece

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