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In the past few years I’ve really enjoyed learning about and using essential oils in our home. I love that they are effective – and that they are a safe, natural and simple way to give our family the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy. We’ve used essential oils in a variety of ways in the past few years and have been able to include them in our daily routines when we need to…however, this past month I have been excited to try something brand new – a nebulizing diffuser.

Our nebulizing diffuser of choice is the brand new Opulence diffuser from Organic Aromas. Nebulizing diffusers are an amazingly effective solution for those who are looking to use aromatherapy in their home, office, etc. I must admit – it all sounded a little ‘daunting’ when I first opened up the box and looked at this gorgeous glass and ceramic nebulizing diffuser. However, after reading the instructions over two times I realized that it was all actually quite easy and straight forward. It took me a total of 5 minutes to set up the diffuser, add my oil of choice and begin filling my home with the wonderful aroma!

Let me share a few of our favorite features on the Opulence Nebulizing Diffuser. The diffuser has a ‘touch sensor’ light switch and runs on a cycle of 2 minutes on, 1 minute off (and completely stopping on its own after 2 hours). I love the elegant look of the diffuser. In a home with 6 young-ish children there aren’t too many elegant items that I have on display. 😉 However, this is an elegant treat for me and not only adds that little touch of elegance to a room in our home, but also serves a purpose. The small white colored LED light in the bottom of the diffuser adds to the elegance.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of Organic Aromas’ nebulizing diffuser is that it is powerful. This little machine can quickly emit a strong scent across a large in area in a short period of time. The fist time we used it, I set it up on the counter and with in a few minutes I could smell the aromatherapy scents on the other side of the room…and before long I could also smell it in the next room! Impressive. Did you know that they reason why a nebulizing diffuser is so powerful is because it uses a whisper-quiet, ultra-durable air pump to naturally atomize pure essential oil into millions of tiny micro-particles that your body can absorb quickly? Sounds pretty scientific, but it’s really very simple and it works amazingly well. This past week we’ve been fighting head colds in our house…and I finally fell victim to the cold myself after caring for all the kids for  few days. My cold symptoms were a lot less than usual and I really believe that the diffuser played a huge role in that!

This particular diffuser – Opulence – not only works amazingly well, but has also been constructed with a handcrafted white ceramic base, a beautiful glass reservoir, and the gorgeous LED mood lighting. It is versatile, simple, and seems to do its job effortlessly. The Opulence was also very quiet when it was operating, which is another plus.

The final verdict? Although I was a bit intimidated by a nebulizing diffuser at first, I can now see that there was no reason for me to be intimidated! It is gorgeous, easy to use, and provides amazing benefits for our family. While this is not the kind of diffuser you would put within the reach of your toddlers or young children, it is perfect for your living room or in a safe place where little hands can’t reach it. We give it a double thumbs up and would definitely recommend the Opulence Nebulizing Diffuser to our family and friends.

The Opulence Nebulizing Diffuser is available for purchase at Organic Aromas or Amazon.ca.

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    The nebulising diffuser reminds me so much of school days in the chemistry lab!

  2. Lynda Cook says:

    Sounds like a great diffuser to have, I am new to all of this and they spark my interest!!

  3. Sounds like a great diffuser, unfortunatly I have allergies and I can’t use a diffuser.

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I like the idea of a handcrafted white ceramic base and the LED mood lighting.

  5. Hadn’t heard of a nebulizing diffuser before – sounds great! Thanks for the information.

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