About Us


My family and I are born and raised Canadian-prairie people…we were grown & raised in the prairies and are now raising our kids here as well. My husband and I have been married about 14 years and since have had 6 precious children enter our home. They are 10 years old and under. 🙂 They definitely keep us ‘hopping’ and there is rarely (if ever!) a dull moment around here. That said, they are all such blessings as well! I am a stay-at-home mom and we homeschool our children. We are a Christian family and strive to raise our kids to follow the JOY acronym: Jesus first, Others second and yourself last. I’m a little bit of a “nerd” when it comes to natural stuff, healthy living etc…I love trying  homemade remedies as well as healthy, unconventional recipes, etc. For example, I like to make our own toothpaste, 😉 A few of my other favorites include: babywearing, cloth diapering, blogging, hiking (even though we live in the prairies, I must admit…I LOVE to hike in the mountains!), reading, music, camping, gardening, taking pictures and being a Mom & wife!



I am a farm girl from southeastern Saskatchewan. As a child, I spent more time following my Dad and Grandpa around than I ever did playing with dolls! I wouldn’t trade those years growing up on a farm for anything, I have so many good memories of the cows, cats and dogs, of farming – particularly harvest, of gardening and having so much space to roam! While my husband and I do not farm, we do live on a little acreage and I love the fact that my kids can go out, roam around and play outside all day. Sure I get a few gray hairs from kids climbing trees, riding their bikes at top speed, and fighting over first place on the slide but it is so worth it! My husband, Nolan, and I have been married for almost 8 years and have three kids, a 7 year old boy who was followed by two sisters, aged 5 and 3. Things are really quiet around our house – not! I’m a stay-at-home Mom who has a background in a little bit of nursing, a little bit of medical transcription, an addiction to traveling to far off foreign countries and a slight hard time letting go of stuff that I’ve had for years. While I love trying new recipes, my husband creates new recipes (and they’re usually great!). While I have more cravings for salt, he has more cravings for sweet. We love listening to our eldest two create music (when they’re not complaining about practicing) on the violin and piano. A good cup ‘o tea, a crochet project, a big cozy blanket and an audiobook make the perfect way to wind down in the evenings. More often than not though, I can be found on my laptop looking up the *next* crochet project! We are Christians and are stumbling through learning how teach our children to love the best things in life – striving to be happy every day, how to love being nice to other people, and how to live knowing that there is more to life than things. It’s not easy being parents, but it is a mighty rewarding profession!


My family and I are happy to call rural Saskatchewan our home.  We are new to country life and are learning through trial and error about fun things like wells, cisterns, gardening, and raising animals. This summer we are hoping to add some chickens to our growing collection of dogs and cats.  So if you have some chicken raising advice for us I will gladly accept it!

My husband and I have been married for almost eleven years and we have four children eight years and under.  I am a homeschool mom with a background in early childhood development and enjoy watching my children learn and grow at home. Some of our favourite activities are reading together, art projects and science experiments. Often lessons revolve around the new insect that has been found or most recently how the septic system functions due to a break down! (yikes).

Our priority in life is to make decisions that honour God and this flows into all aspects of what we do.  Often I remind my children that God has an amazing plan for them and I am excited to see what that is!  They are all so unique and beautiful in their own way.

As for me, I enjoy books.  Like, a lot.  Often I have at least two or three books on the go and my night stand always has a pile of books on it.  I also love being outdoors and spending time with animals.  My husband always jokes that we will never raise animals for meat because I would become too attached. He is right about that!  I attempt to live in a healthy and natural way by choosing whole foods for our family and creating natural care products at home.  My newest venture is kefir and sourdough starter. 🙂