How do I request having my product/business reviewed?
If you are a Canadian company big or small and want your product/business reviewed please go to our advertising page by clicking here to find out more information. If you want to speed up the process, please contact us by filling out our contact form by clicking here. We will try to respond within 24 hours.

I live outside of Canada – can I still enter a contest?
YES! Unless otherwise stated that it is ‘open to Canadian residents only’, you CAN enter. Many businesses will ship internationally.

How do I enter a contest?

Please follow the instructions given in the post as it occasionally changes. (Example: If we ask you to pick a favorite product from the advertisers site please do so). If you don’t follow the directions your comment may be deleted.

How long will I have to respond before a new winner will be chosen?

You will have have 72 hours (that’s 3 days) to respond to our emails or to contact us after we post the giveaway winners. If we do not hear from you in within 72 hours a new winner will be chosen. Please make sure when you do contact us that you include your mailing information to speed up the mailing process.

When will I receive my winnings?

Most prizes will be shipped to you by the advertiser between 8-12 business days. We will not be held responsible if you do not receive your prize. However, please do let us know if you do not get your prize and we will do what we can to help you out.

We will not be held responsible if the product is different than you thought, faulty, broken or causes any damage in any way to anything or anyone. When you win a prize, we are not responsible for any tax liabilities/duty fees, etc. that may result from your the receiving of your prize.

How do I use the coupon codes?
If you see a product you love and want to place an order from that business, check if they have any coupon codes. You may find you can make purchases up to 10%-20% off (coupon details vary from business to business). Include the code in your purchase information. Please make sure the coupon offer hasn’t expired.

*If any of your questions have not been answered please contact us by clicking here. We would appreciate your feedback.