We are grateful for every company that we are able to work with on a review/giveaway and take pleasure in trying our best to get the word out about your shop/products! If you’d like to add a paragraph to our Press page please contact us.

Here’s what some of the companies/shops we’ve reviewed for have had to say about Glimpse:

“We were very impressed with our “Glimpse” experience! Leanne was so professional yet efficient in our dealings and provided a very comprehensive review of our products. I highly recommend having Glimpse review your products and look forward to working again with Leanne and the Glimpse team!”
~Jennifer Meek, ALLORGANIC®

“Glimpse is an amazing way for Canadians to have access to a wide variety of many wonderful Canadian products that they otherwise may not have exposure to.   Partnering with Leanne to represent our line of Wildly Canadian products has been a complete pleasure!  Her passion for featuring Canadian made and grown products is proven in her thoroughly written reviews, in an honest and professional way, allowing the readers to gain a truly in-depth experience.  She included a link to our website which generated a tremendous level of exposure and traffic flow which ultimately resulted in more sales!  And we were super excited to provide two lucky winners from their site with a parcel of our most popular items! Thank you Leanne for such an amazing and professional experience! I would love to work with you again in the future!  WILDLY LOVIN’…WILDLY CANADIAN™!”
~Ashley Cook, Wildly Canadian

“We thoroughly enjoyed our experience working with Glimpse and plan to continue that association in future. We are a small start-up, with limited budget for promotion, so we were very pleased that Andrea was willing to host a giveaway on her site, and that she went the extra mile to review our books. Thank you, Glimpse, for supporting a new Canadian company!”
~Sheilah Currie, Riverdale Readers Inc

“Working with Glimpse and Andrea was great. She posted the review right away. She was very excited to work with us, her energy and enthusiasm was exactly what we were looking for. Great job!” 
 ~Dianne, Battat

“I felt honored to have my products (the Anouk’s Ark Endangered Species Memory Game and 2 in 1 Puzzles) reviewed by Andrea in such an
honest, straight forward and positive manner. What a great way to get small Canadian businesses the exposure they need! I am recently a brand new, first time mom and have had very little time or energy to give my artwork and my company the attention it needs. This review came at a perfect time! Andrea has been wonderful to communicate with. I love that her kids “tested” my products. Nothing is better than being “kid approved”. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you all!“
~ Anouk Frolic, Artist and Owner of Anouk’s Ark

“Working with Andrea and Glimpse has been a truly wonderful experience.  Andrea is efficient, organized, and provides in-depth reviews that set the gold standard among bloggers reviewing products.  The review for Kiss My Itch Goodbye has generated interest which is reflected through increased numbers of fans on both Facebook and Twitter.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with Andrea again.” 
 ~ The Kiss My Itch Goodbye Team, Kiss My Itch Goodbye

“Thank you so much for a pleasurable and smooth experience! It was our pleasure to work with Andrea and her team! They offer honest, thoughtful critiques of the products they review. Thank you so much for working with us and for trying our products!”
All the Best!
~ The Ducsunaru Team, Ducsunaru

“It has been a lovely experience working with Glimpse, Andrea was professional and organized throughout our communications. Glimpse is a wonderful way to garner exposure for Canadian businesses such as ours.”

“We are always so excited when Glimpse wants to review any of our books. They always provide honest feedback and never falter in their professionalism. They are great communicators and are sure to send links to coverage as soon as the reviews are published. They also go above and beyond with social media, which really boosts visibility for both the site and our products. We hope to continue to partner with them for years to come!”~ Kourtney, Ulysses Press

It was a joy to partner with Glimpse! I loved the detailed, well explained descriptions of the products and I know that we have gotten amazing exposure since the review.
~ Amanda, 100% Pure

“Glimpse is simply wonderful! Easy to work with and very patient! Because of her I have had an increase in followers on my twitter and Facebook page. Which in the end will result in more business! Thank you for the opportunity Glimpse!”

We look forward to future collaborations.”
~ James, Distribution Wallaby

“I’m delighted I had the opportunity to work with Andrea at Glimpse, it was a
great experience from start to finish!  TERRO products were recently introduced to the Canadian marketplace and we were thrilled to have one of our first Canadian reviews conducted in such a thorough and professional manner.  I look forward to working with Andrea again as more TERRO products are introduced to the Canadian marketplace!”  
~Carolyn, TERRO DIY Pest Control

It’s been such a pleasure working with Andrea at Glimpse! I appreciate their work in finding and supporting Canadian businesses, and they provided great new exposure and new customers to my little business. Thanks again!
~ Debra, Little Dragonfly Boutique

It’s was a real pleasure to work with Andrea! the post was detailed and all communication with her very organized! I will be happy to work with her in the future. Thank you Andrea!
~ Emilie, Orange & Coco

Glimpse was a great way to offer potential customers an honest opinion of my new product!
~ Michelle, Squishy Snak Pak

Andrea was awesome to work with. Glimpse was efficient with posting and also brought a larger audience to my business. I am very thankful I met Andrea online and would recommend having Glimpse do a review for you.

 ~Sky, Mandala Sky

“Working with Andrea on a review of my book was fantastic!  She was quick to respond, super excited and very professional!  The review looked great and we would definitely work with her again in the future!”

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Andrea! She was so quick with her review and did an amazing job letting her readers know about all the amazing benefits of wearing Merino wool. We look forward to working with Andrea again in the near future. Thanks Glimpse!!”
~ Jill, Simply Merino

“Andrea was amazing to work with. She was in touch with me throughout the process – letting me know once she received her goodies, sending me a link once the review was live. Andrea and Julie’s reviews were incredibly descriptive and we love how they captured the uniqueness of the Annmarie Skin Care line. I highly recommend having Glimpse review your products! We look forward to working with Andrea and Julie again in the near future. :-)”
~Lisa, Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

“Andrea is a true professional when communicating with us and our brand. The review she wrote contained all our key points in a layout that was pleasant to read. Anyone looking for a product to be reviewed, we would highly recommend Glimpse.”
~Jesse, The Simply Bar 

“What a pleasure it was to deal with Andrea from Glimpse Reviews. She did a fantastic job on the product review as well as showcasing juicing and our business in general. Communicating with her through the process was effortless and easy. Thank you Andrea!”

“Glimpse Reviews was a pleasure to work with. As a small online Canadian baby and children’s boutique, we were looking to expand our reach to the Canadian Prairies and were delighted when we were connected with Saskatchewan Mommy Blogger Andrea. Her review for Baby Bahoonie was timely, accurate and personal. Baby Bahoonie wishes Glimpse Reviews continued success!”
~Cinnamon, Baby Bahoonie

“Thank you, so much Glimpse for reviewing EarthWear Face & Body.  It was great exposure, with an immediate increase in traffic to my website, Facebook page as well as inquiring emails.  Very professionally done, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a pleasure working with a fellow Canadian business!”
~Tammy, EarthWear Face & Body

“I enjoyed work with Andrea from Glimpse. She wrote a product review on one of our Bathroom Scales in a timely manner, while going above and beyond our expectations. We look forward to working with Andrea again, as we continue to expand into Canada. Thanks for everything Andrea!”
~ Karen, EatSmart

It´s been a pleasure to work with Andrea from Glimpse. I really liked the way she wrote the review and I especially appreciate her time and efforts in studying what my shop was about and describing that in details on her website. I´d recommend Glimpse if some business needs an additional exposure and would like to have their product reviewed in a very professional way.

Marina, Kids&

“Working with Andrea and her team was a great experience, they made it fun and easy! The review was complete, professional and very well written. Thanks to Glimpse Review, I have broadened my clientele within Canada and the US. Thanks for everything; it was a pleasure working with you!”

Marie-Josée, Miss-Clip

“Working with Glimpse has been a pleasure.  It’s great to have an avenue such as Glimpse to promote small businesses.  I would work with Glimpse again in a heartbeat!”

“We have worked with several bloggers and I would rank Andrea and the Glimpse team among the top. They wrote a wonderful review that included product photos and a honest account of her experience with Nielsen-Massey products. I would recommend Glimpse to other brands.”
~ Megan, Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

“Glimpse was a pleasure to work with. I was very impressed with the review Glimpse gave my products, they really hit home on the facts as to why my products are fabulous and needed. It was great working with a Canadian company to promote a Canadian company. Thank you Glimpse your team is fantastic!”
~ Jess Lynn, Within Your Hands

“PolyPuzzle has worked with a number of organizations to promote our product line. Glimpse, and editor Andrea Yanke have been among the best. Andrea conducts business in a positive and professional manner. She was always prompt in her replies to any questions and provided us with a fair and honest review. It has been a distinct pleasure working with her.”
~ Steve Lynett, PolyPuzzle

“It was fun working with Andrea, she’s very friendly and helpful. It’s always great to be able to work with other Canadian websites or companies.”

~ Ina, My Little Mousie

“It’s so great to have another Canadian company, ‘Glimpse’ review some of our products! We were thrilled with the opportunity and the feedback Andrea and her team had for us. Andrea was a pleasure to work with and we hope to have the opportunity again.”
~ Lori Taylor, Lala Soap & Natural Body Care

Dedicated reviewers with a solid following like Andrea have an enormous impact on their followers. She has taken the time to earn their trust and respect and that holds an incredible amount of weight. Glimpse shared the word about our ‘mom-made in Canada’ game with parents across the country and beyond. Many thanks to Andrea and the Glimpse team. You have contributed to the growth of our brand and credibility of our product.
~Tamara, Spark Your Imagination

Andrea and the Glimpse team are incredible folks! They are putting their energy into great endeavors and I am very grateful for the relationship we have established. My business, “Conscious Water” received a surge in interest during our contest giveaway and I know the ripple effect is in motion. Thanks again, feel the flow…
~Scott, Conscious Water

“What a great experience! Andrea and the Glimpse gang made the whole review process smooth and simple. I loved how detailed, thoughtful, and clear their review was. Very professional from beginning to end. It was a pleasure working with you!”
~Erica, REAL Kids Magazine

“I just want to thank Andrea and the Glimpse team for wanting to review my online store and products! It has been a pleasure to see the great review they gave and I also really enjoyed checking out all the other great Canadian companies they have reviewed. Thanks again! I hope to do a product giveaway in the future.
~ April, BC Baby Boutique

“Thank you Andrea for writing this detail review about our handmade products. It was an honour to have a review on Glimpse. I’m glad you found me! Thank you and looking forward to work with you in the future again.”
~ Marian, Loove and Sweet

“It was a pleasure to work with Andrea and we loved the review she posted on our products! It was amazing exposure for our company and a great place for a small business, just starting out, to be showcased! Thanks again!”
~ Athena , T&A Spice Co.

“Thanks Andrea for such a great detailed review of the Earth’s Berries. The review not only drove people to my site, but you asking for what a person learned really enhanced their experience on the site. This was a great experience and I would really enjoy working with you in the future.”
~ Karen Salcedo, Earth’s Berries Ltd.

“Thank you Andrea for writing such an eloquent review about Rug Studio’s Signature Kids Rugs! It was a pleasure working with you and we are happy to be part of your Glimpse blog site. We look forward to working with Glimpse in the future!”
~ Andrea, Rug Studio

“My thanks go out to Andrea for taking the time to review our products on the Glimpse blog. The review increased traffic to our website and generated increased interest. Thank you!”
~ Karen, Porcupine Creek Farm

“I work with many different bloggers all over the US and Canada, but very few are as diligent and thorough as Andrea has been, not to mention pleasant! Working with her and Glimpse Reviews has been a fantastic experience and I look forward to doing it again VERY SOON!”

~ Denise, Simple Green

“Thank you to Andrea for the great reviews she wrote for our products, and for always keeping us informed and up to date on the progress of our giveaway. We have had a excellent response from her blog readers. Thank you again to the Glimpse team.”
~Graeme, What a Jewel

“Glimpse is a great Canadian blog. It was an honour to have a review of Mummi Quilts, a Canadian company by a Canadian blog We thank you for the lovely review/giveaway of the Bunny Ear security blankie.”
~Eeva, Mummi Quilts

“It has been such a pleasure working with Andrea from the Glimpse team and was truly flattering to be a part of this great blog. I really appreciate the kind review and all the extra traffic it created for my little Etsy store.”

We had a wonderful experience working with Glimpse. These ladies offer honest and straightforward reviews for busy moms or anyone! We wish them great success with the business.”
~Hayley Gregg, Skyler Clothing

“It has been a pleasure to work with Glimpse. Andrea is a great writer and very neutral. Her strong following has helped us increase our web traffic and we have got some great response thru glimpse! Thank you so much!”
~Adila, Pure Blankz

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea while she did a review of my online store Andrea was professional, pleasant and courteous. She kept me informed on the process and was fast in respond to my questions. I hope to have the pleasure and opportunity to work with this wonderful blog again.

“I was honoured to be contacted by Glimpse for a product review, and then pleasantly surprised to discover what a strong, dedicated reader base their hard working team has cultivated. Bravo! I will be linking Glimpse on my blog and site :)”
~Sarah, A Jam Story

“Thank you Stacey and the whole Glimpse team! It was great to support another Manitoban. We enjoyed the feedback from the review, and the review itself was very well written and honest. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
~ Pam J, Tiny TreeHugger

“It has been a pleasure to work with Glimpse. We feel honored to have been selected to do a product review. Thank you! It’s so great to finally see a site dedicated to Canadian products. Woohoo. Hats off to you. Keep up the good work!”
~ Joyce, Booda Bellie

“Thank you so much for choosing our product to review! We love the concept of Glimpse and how the site highlights and celebrates the creativity of Canadian business owners. The reviewers at Glimpse were fantastic; it was such a pleasure to work with them.”
~ Tami, Little Bunny Press

“Andrea has been a very good and neutral person to write and review some of our products. Since we do not manufacture them but only sell the products; she has made a great job on promoting my webstore with the right comments at the right place and it brought me new customers! Everybody who owns a webstore should try it! Thank you GLIMPSE!”
~ Patricia, Nature Bella

“Thank you Glimpse! We were so pleased with the glowing Little Chipipi wall sticker review and the raves about Raspberry Kids in general. We also love the amazingly creative application of the wall stickers. Well done! Have a fresh, healthy and fun day everyone!”
~ Sue, Raspberry Kids

“Thank you for writing such an informative and raving review of Mally Bibs. We very much value the comments and feedback we receive from mothers who actually put our bibs into use and we know the general public do as well. Also, just wanted to say that the picture of your son with the giraffe bib on is really cute! Thanks again, and best wishes for the future!”
~ Robyn, Mally Bibs

“I am glad that Andrea from Glimpse got in touch with me! As the owner of a cloth diaper company in Nova Scotia, it was great to have a foot in the West! I found her review very detailed and accurate and plus, it brought me some buyers! Thanks Glimpse!”
~ Malou Déry, Super Duper Diapers

“Thanks Glimpse for doing such a thoughtful review of the Blue Celery Baby Sling! We love it when expert babywearers love our sling. 🙂 We also love that you were so timely in trying out the sling and in posting the review -you didn’t leave us waiting and posted it exactly when you said you would. It was a pleasure working with you.”
~ Colleen, Blue Celery Baby Slings

“Andrea was great to work with. We love the review of the DUO Cloth Diaper and the parent friendly descriptions of how to use it. We are happy to hear that you found our site informative as well. All the best with the rest of your cloth diapering adventures. Let us know when you are at potty learning!”
~ Karen, New & Green Baby Co.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Andrea. I loved her idea of having our Mini Bath Bombs reviewed and she provided an excellent write up. (I couldn’t have said it better myself!) What impressed me the most was how quick the review went up after she received our sample. Thank you for the great review and I love that you promote Canadian companies.”
~ Sara, Lalabee Bathworks

“Thank you so much for selecting our products to review and give us this wonderful oppounity to receive feedback about our handcrafted jewelry. It really was a good opportunity to receive highlights on our new bracelet additions, and which ones people seem to like. It was fabulous to work with Shanilie, so personable and delight to converse with. She is also very knowledgeable in everything she does and I could not have said it better myself. Thanks again for a fun and rewarding experience, anytime!”
~ Deanna, Baby Bead Treasures

“Not only are we excited that our product has been given the “stamp of approval” by Andrea, but we are elated that Glimpse is putting the spotlight on Canadian made products. Thanks to Andrea and everyone at Glimpse for giving Sweet Kyla baby bedding such a high recommendation. It has been a true pleasure working with Glimpse.
~ Bev, Sweet Kyla

“We were so impressed with the in-depth review of our reusable sandwich wrap from Glimpse! Not only did the accompanying giveaway help raise the profile of our site, but we gained valuable feedback on our product range from readers across the country. It’s great working with a site with a Canadian focus.”
~ Louise, Lavish & Lime

“Glimpse has been a true pleasure to work with! We were thrilled when Andrea asked us if she might review some of our Just 4 Kids products. She was a true pleasure to work with…. keep up the great work!”
~ Jenn, It’s A Family Affair

“It has been such an honour being chosen to be reviewed by Glimpse and a real pleasure working with Andrea and her team. Andrea’s review was very thorough and well-written and we felt it truly represented the spirit of our company. We had lots of new interest on our store thanks to the review (and probably the very cute picture they posted!) and we are looking forward to working with them again.
~ Maria, PerryWinkles Kids

“Thanks so much to Andrea for the wonderful Glimpse review on the Sweet Pea One-Size Cloth Diaper. She was informative, professional, quick to respond and very positive. I recommend any new or established business to contact the team at Glimpse to review their product!
~ Nancy, Sweet Pea Diapers

“I was so very thrilled when I found out that Andrea from Glimpse would be reviewing some of my products. She wrote an amazing review and was able to reach out to a fabulous audience for me. Glimpse is an uncontested blog who’s writers take every part of parenting into consideration when trying out the products they review. I truly love sewing and creating unique accessories for mum’s who are on the go, but who also want to make a fashion statement and Andrea managed to highlight just that. Thank you so much for everything!”
~ Julie, Always Inspire

“Thanks Andrea, for selecting our products for a Glimpse review! Your son looked adorable in his blue Toddler Hooded Kimono and your review was thoughtful and well-written. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I highly recommend Glimpse to anyone looking for quality Canadian products! All the best to you and your team!”
~Sharon, Bamboobino

“Thank you Andrea! It was a pleasure working with you. We are happy with all the positive feedback we received regarding the products we carry and about our store in general. We feel honored to have been reviewed my Glimpse!”
~ Marcie, BabyGrins

“A big thank you to the staff at Glimpse for your wonderful review and commitment to profiling and supporting Canadian made products! Keep up the great work!”
~ Lisa, Stonz

“Thank you Andrea and the rest of the Glimpse team for a well put together review of the products I sent over to you. I really love the support your team gives to our Canadian companies. Keep up the great work, we look forward in working with you again soon.”
~ Diana, Moms Finds

I have enjoyed working with Glimpse and having Andrea review one of our products. I love that Glimpse showcases Canadian products. Keep up the good work Glimpse team!
~ Deanna, Change My Bummy

“I recently did some advertising through Glimpse, and it was so easy! I had an increase in hits to my website and Andrea was so pleasant to work with. Thanks for helping me to promote my business.”
~ Kwyn, Tiny Giggles

“A review on Glimpse was a bonus for Sweetpea — the response from readers was amazing. Thanks for your vote of confidence in our products and for being such a treat to work with.”
~ The Sweetpea Baby Food & Organic Snacks team, Sweetpea Baby Food

“Thanks so much for the great opportunity to introduce Nosilla Organics to your readers and for your fantastic review Andrea! It was an absolute pleasure working with you and Glimpse. It’s wonderful to support a Canadian voice for savvy Mom’s out there.”
~ Allison, Nosilla Organics

“I would like to thank Andrea for finding my Dodo-Sac product and wanting to do a review on my handmade sleep sack product. What great timing as I was already in the process of thinking about my new website. It took awhile to get my website ready and Glimpse was kind enough to wait until the site was ready. Andrea was very patient and never pressured me which was much appreciated. In a way, it pushed me…which is what I needed. With this well written review, I have received better publicity in Ottawa. Thank you again Andrea for finding me and allowing me to work with you. I was honoured to be part of Glimpse.”
~ Rejane, Dodo-Sac

“Thanks, Andrea, for your nice review on Glimpse. It was great to get the extra traffic to my site. You seem to have some very dedicated followers! Best of luck in your future endeavours.”
~ Astrid, Hornet Mountain Natural Products

“Thanks Andrea, it has been a pleasure to work with you; we hope to work again in the future. Thanks for the wonderful review about one of your many products.”
~ Gina, Bare Baby Earth

“Thank you Andrea and the Glimpse team for the review. It was not just a pitch but alluded to our personal interaction (which was extremely positive). Very enjoyable and hopefully we can work together in the future!”
~ Beverly, Jinja Ninja

“I loved working with Andrea and the Glimpse team! It is such a professional, but fun blog that keeps you wanting to visit more and more! Thank you so much for the beautiful write-up of the Scentsy product, I couldn’t have written it any better! Keep up the great work, I am excited to see what else you have in store for your readers.”
~ Tricia Fogg, Independent Scentsy Consultant, Scentsy

“Working with Andrea at Glimpse was a great experience – very professional. Thank you for the wonderful review. The support Glimpse is giving to Canadian companies is fantastic. Keep it up!”
~ Diana, SilverLining Designs

“It is a pleasure working with a Canadian company for a change. We need more strong representation out there. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront and showing Moms we are a great creative group of women! Hats off to you…I will be happy to work with you again anytime. Nice work!”
~ Eileen Miller, Creations Elin

“Thanks so much for the well-written and positive review of our umbrellas as well as the successful giveaway. We were happy to see over 450 entries for the giveaway, over 100 hits to our website and many new followers and tweets in Twitter. We’d definitely be willing to do another promotion with you in the future!”
~ Jen, Cheeky Umbrella

“Thank you Andrea for the wonderful review that you gave Little T’s Boutique! I love that throughout the whole process, you were very friendly and pleasant to work with and you kept me updated with emails. By going the extra mile and linking Little T’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to your review, you helped me gain extra traffic to those sites. It was such a pleasure to work with Glimpse that I would jump at the opportunity the next time one arises.”
~ Sueleigh, Little T’s Boutique

“A huge Thank You to Glimpse (Andrea) for contacting me regarding a product review. I was thrilled to have the exposure from such a well established blog. I am very happy you loved the Washable Nursing Pads by Glitzy Gals. Your review was very honest and it has brought more attention to my site. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again.”
~ Lynn, My Lil Package Baby Boutique

“GLIMPSE is a great blog to get information regarding a variety of products for the family. I feel honoured that Andrea chose my Bamboo Fleece hooded baby towel for review. Thanks again for highlighting my shop!”
~Samantha, Northern Mom

“It’s been pleasure working with Glimpse! The review was great and the results were excellent exceeding all our expectations! Thanks Andrea!”
~Ildar, ECOcentric Bags

“Andrea and the team at Glimpse were amazing to work with! We really appreciated the thoughtful review they provided for our Knit Onesies and loved the positive feedback we received from their loyal followers! A great Canadian site!”
~ Tianna, Beba Bean

“Warehouse One is very thankful for the review Glimpse did on our business. We definitely saw a social media impact from working with Glimpse and running a contest geared to increasing facebook and twitter followers. Thanks for your unique perpective on our business.”
~ Larry, Warehouse One

“It was a pleasure working with Glimpse Reviews. Andrea was very organised putting together the review and giveaway featured on her blog. Her review was very personalized detailing her experience with her family. I would recommend this blog to anyone looking to have their product reviewed.”
~Amanda, iStyle Originals

“It was great working wit Andrea at Glimpse. She is organized, friendly and her reviews were so positive. Thanks so much Andrea and I look forward to working with you again.”
~Sharan, Go-La Rolla

“Glimpse Reviews was a total success! Andrea communicated with me perfectly, wrote a well written review, and I got lots of new traffic my way. A great experience.”
~Janet, Jilly Bo Billy Boutique

What a great experience working with Glimpse Reviews. Andrea was great at answering my questions and she did a wonderful job writing her review on my shop. Thank you so much!
~ Savannah, Baby Bundle Boutique

“It was great working with Andrea and the other folks at Glimpse; they are very organized, and their reviews are detailed. Thanks Andrea!”
~ Chelsea Bell Eady, SleepySheep

“The post looks great – thanks so much for helping us out with this. The responses so far have been great to read as well. It was so wonderful to work with you, hope to be able to do it again very soon!”
~ Josh Terry, TrilliumPR for Boston Pizza