Review Options

*There are several ways to advertise through GLIMPSE

Be Reviewed!

In a review, we will give a concise description of your business and/or look at one or more popular products. At the end of each review we give people the option to buy straight from your site – linking your business straight from our blog. Yes, that’s right, free traffic for your site from everyday moms looking for great products.

Products will be tested, played with, and loved by our families. Once we have a good feel for the product, we will write a review, including pictures, and post it here on the blog. We will send you the link so you can share it with all your friends!

Once your company/products have been reviewed on Glimpse, your site url and button will be added to our links page. That way our readers can check out your great products at their own convenience for months/years to come.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a review. A copy of our media kit can be emailed upon request.

Post your company logo/button

We have very talented review moms on Glimpse who will make a special, unique button just for your shop. This way, your advertising will continue long after the review has been posted. We provide these ads for a small fee, so please contact us for more details and price quotes.

There are two sizes available:

Host a giveaway on GLIMPSE
This is our favourite option! This really motivates our readers to come back and even tell their friends about it. It makes things fun and keeps people coming back for more.

Basically, you provide a product to give away to one or more lucky readers of Glimpse. We ask that you hold onto the product until we forward you the winner’s contact information, just to keep things simple.

Using the comments link below the post, we allow bloggers and non-bloggers to enter. Bloggers are occasionally encouraged to blog about us as well as your site to have an extra entry for the contest – this gives you two times the advertising in one! This helps to spread the news all over the country! For example, if 100 bloggers entered the contest and each blogged about YOUR business, you would get 101 FREE advertisements spread all over Canada about your business – linking back to your site.

Coupon Code

This option is great especially if our viewers can not afford to purchase anything from your site right away. They can come back later and use the coupon code – which is a huge incentive for viewers to come back. If you offer our readers a COUPON CODE we will gladly post your ad for free on our GLIMPSE site for the duration the coupon is in effect. The ad will be posted on our current coupons page.  A coupon code can be anything from free shipping to 10 – 25% off orders or first time orders.

If any of the advertising options appeal to you please contact us.